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Ian France Technical

Ian France is a OC & CCR Technical Diving Instructor Trainer, Trimix, and Advanced Cave Diving Instructor, working throughout the world. Ian France provides OC & CCR Cave and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level through the world's premier diver training agency, IANTD.

My philosophy is to help you understand where you want to be and help get you there. I will build upon skills you already possess and extend your abilities. I play to your strengths and help you build your existing diving skills to bring about achievements that you may feel are currently beyond reach. I believe in positive learning and you will find my style relaxed, nurturing, and fun.

If you are looking for OC & CCR, Intro To Tech, Nitrox, Trimix, Cave, Mine, Wreck or Sidemount training - I offer it all.

If you have any queries or just want to drop me a message, please use the contact panel, email me, or give me a call.


"I am a firm believer of choosing the right instructor for the chosen course - again another mine field, but this decision was a easier one - Ian France is a highly experienced cave and DPV diver whom i trust and respect."
(Will Smith, 2014)

"Excellent instructor. Great attention to detail and very knowledgeable. Ian has served his time and a worthy instructor. He is an active cave diver who is actually doing the diving he teaches. Not one to show off but quietly gets on with it."
(John Carter, 2014)

"I am fortunate to have trained with a number of fantastic instructors over the years and have done so through a number of well respected agencies. The reason I go back to Ian each and every time I want to increase my capabilities as a diver as that I know that I will come away feeling challenged and equipped with some great new skills and a new level of confidence. Ian certainly won't give away certification but if you give 100% you will receive 100%. I cant speak of the instruction highly enough."
(Damian Bird, 2014)

"Honestly, as a trainer and a person I really can't fault you, and I would recommend you to anyone looking for specialist training. In my eyes you are up there with the best and it has been a real pleasure diving with you in an at work situation. Maybe one day I can only hope I get a pleasure dive with you."
(Damon Atkins, 2014)

Ian France Technical Diving