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The VMS REDBARE CCR evolved from the popular RedHead CCR. Building upon the CE tested and field proven performance of PO2 tracking and CO2 monitoring, we have upgraded the configuration to offer considerable enhancements to both work of breathing and travel convenience.

RedBare CCR retains the reliable concept of full life support system monitoring - everything that you need to know about is condensed into a simple Head Up Display (HUD).

VMS REDBARE CCR Rebreather Training
VMS REDBARE  Rebreather Training
VMS REDBARE  Rebreather Training
VMS REDBARE  Rebreather Training

When we say that the RedBare is built for exploration we really do mean it - the RedBare CCR is built from the ground up to meet the demand of the most challenging environments.

That means everything from operating reliably at the extremes of exploration to the world of the sport diver, where every day and weekend's diving has to be fitted into busy domestic schedules.

The same qualities that keep the redBare diving in caves and wrecks will make sure you don't miss your favourite bucket list dives.

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